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Why I Write

writing1This blog has been a long time coming.  Early in my own grieving process, after having lost my husband when we were in our 40’s, I captured my thoughts and feelings in a semi-anonymous blog where I could vent and lament, ponder and process.  The work of distilling my emotions into words, phrases, paragraphs on the page turned out to be of significant help in integrating my loss.  About two years out, though, I found I had less and less to say about grief, and my posts petered out to nothing.  The “new normal”, the life of my own hard-won reinvention efforts, was taking hold, and my experiences weren’t relevant to the context of that blog.

Fast-forward three years.  I’ve become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, joyfully supporting individuals in their journeys to deeper self-awareness, growth, and reinvention.  I’ve also become a grief counselor, receiving deep satisfaction by accompanying bereaved men and women as they walk their unique path.  And I’m finding that my own experience, and those of the clients I work with, combined with my passion to ease the journey of grieving individuals, has resulted in an unstoppable urge to share my insights.

And so this blog was born.  It’s for you, whether you are grieving, or supporting someone else in grief, or interested in how grief is experienced and integrated and how it can be harnessed to invite growth and transformation.  If anything I say here strikes a chord or elicits thought, I hope you will join the conversation by leaving a comment.